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Master Class Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Few words about

If you would like to understand blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFT then this master class is for you.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to take part and learn.
It’s especially designed for beginners and decision makers.

After this class you will understand it – and you will be able to make your own decisions about how to continue with this great technology or with cryptocurrencies.

Darko Pavic, course author

Darko Pavic, course author






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What's all about?

The idea of Master Class

The story how everything began

How did I create this master class?

I knew about blockchain technology already for some time. Even some months ago my team decided to start a research and development project around the use of blockchain technology in retail. And in particular around fiscalization.
Fiscalization is set of the official rules how retailers should work and how they have to report collected VAT taxes to the tax authority.
My target was to understand if this technology might be a business case for us. if we could use blockchain technology to create real added value for retailers or international governments.
In order to be able to decide about it, I had to dig into the details and to understand.
And I started working on it.
Very soon I understood that it is not that simple and that it takes some time and efforts to understand it.
As I am not only one person in the team who has to understand it in order to make strategical decision for our company I decided to create lessons for my colleagues from different departments, too. This should help them to understand it aswell. But of course, it had to be comprehensive, related only to the most important topics and fitting also for participants without technical knowledge.
This master class was born.

For whom is this master class?

On the beginning it was dedicated to my colleagues in the management of the company.
After spending already many hours working on it I recognized, that I have to extend it also to the colleagues who would have to work on the project if we decide so.  

Basically, I created it for everyone in our company who doesn’t know anything about blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs but would like or need to learn about it.

As we have teams that are not technically educated, the requirement was to create lessons even for people without technical knowledge.
First itwas dedicated to my employees. Then I saw that there is a huge value for the community and I decided to make it free available for everyone who likes it.

This free master class creates good fundaments for decision makers, for people playing with thoughts to invest, for participants of the project in that area and for everyone who needs or would like to have basic knowledge about it.

Are there any requirements to visit this course?

It is beneficial to have some technical knowledge and to understand different technical algorithms. But it is not necessary.
Even if you are not coming from the IT world, even if you are not familiar with technologies this course is for you.

I am your mentor

Who will teach you?

I am engineer and I finished my master degree in Paderborn, Germany.
I consider myself as a business man and as a real specialist for technologies in retail. I am running my own company since 18 years and which is active in 17 countries. We are specialized on IT in retail.

I am not a blockchain specialist and a couple of months ago I didn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies or NFTs. But I understood that it will become very interesting in our industry.

Rosalia Decardo Senior UX/UI designer

I had to decide for my company if it make sense to invest in the area of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. But I didn´t only have to make decisions about investment, I had to create the best ideas, too.  
In order to be able to understand and to make business decisions I had to learn.

So I started.

During my learning process I created all these materials that I am using in this course.

This is important for us

Why am I doing it?

My goal is to create community by sharing the knowledge!

My first goal was to enable my teams to create new products for our customers based on blockchain technology. But then I recognized that there is no reason why I couldn’t do it publicly.

I have to do it anyhow, why not letting the community to participate.
Even more I create discord server for our community to be able to exchange information.
Feel free to join our community and to discussed this beautiful and excited technologies.

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