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Darko Pavic

I have been an entrepreneur for 18 years and I am the CEO of Fiscal Solutions, a software company active in more than 17 countries of the world. During the day I lead the company but at night I transform into a hacker. It‚Äôs not surprising that I feel so passionately about blockchain technology and its use. ūüôā¬†

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want to identify opportunities

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want to learn about excited trends

Everybody is talking about it, you should be able to understand what is all about!

With Professor Keeting on board (MAYC #21506)



want to learn about brand new technologies

Even if you don’t have any technical or financial background, you will get and understand all needed basics.¬†


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What will happen in the course?

Basics of the blockchain technology

In the first block you will learn what blockchain is and how it is working. 

You will learn about the differences and the relations between blockchain and bitcoin. 

We will talk about major elements of the blockchain and how they work. 

What is block, what are the major parts of it, what is mining and why is it that complex? 

But we will also explain the used technologies like creating hash values, digital signatures and so on. 

After providing an example, the complete concept of blockchain technology will be very clear. 

At the end we will talk about different types of blockchain and their advantages and disadvantages. 

With an overview about some interesting blockchain platforms we will close this session. 

After this lecture you will understand blockchain and all related technology.

Session language: English!!

Basics of Cryptocurrencies

In this part we will explain the current monetary system to you and how it was developed. 

You will learn the difference between digital currency and cryptocurrency. 

We will talk about advantages of the cryptocurrency system and what you have to know if you want to use it. 

Even more we will go in detail about Bitcoins, Ethernum, Cardano and Solana. We will make a direct comparison of them as well. 

After this lecture you will understand cryptocurrencies and you will know some of them in detail. 

Prerequisite: block before 

Session language: English!!

What are NFTs and what can you do with them?

We will learn what NFTs are and what makes them valuable. We will also talk about market and market development. 

At the end we will discuss some interesting tools and how to buy NFTs if you want. 

Prerequisite: blocks before 

After this lecture you will understand NFTs and related concepts. 

Session language: English!!

Basics of NFT projects

One of the trending use cases of blockchain technology are NFTs. It‚Äôs very important to understand the projects‘ basics.
We will talk about the different types of the projects, how to find the projects and which tools are used often.
But the most important part is to understand how to determine the value of a project.
To explain details we will used some very interesting and trending examples.

Prerequisite: blocks before

After this lecture you will understand NFT projects and related concepts.

Session language: English!!

You are now part of the community

Key to the success of any web3 project is the community around it.

In order to be able to create your community you have to understand the space and to understand basic „dynamics“ of the communities.

In this session, we will talk about NFT space and related communities.

You will learn the most important rules to create your own community.

Session language: English!!

Investing in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are a big hype today. Based on that there are hundreds of financial products which could be used to invest and to earn some profits. Daily there are new products coming. Getting an overview about all those products is not easy and that’s why a decission about where to invest is also very difficult. In this part of the course we will create an overview about basic investment possibilities and we will discuss each. 

Prerequisite: blocks before 

After this lecture you will have an overview about possibilities for potential investment. 

Session language: English!!

Basics of Metaverse

Everybody is talking about it and many companies are even already investing heavily in it.

But what is it actually and are there any opportunities for you there?

We will discuss the technology which is base for it but also the related business concepts.

But the comparison of the existing Metaverse will also be in our focus.

In the end, you will understand the concept of Metaverse and you will be able to make your own decision if it is something for you or not.

Prerequisites: Blocks before

Language: English

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